Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Budget

Our Christmas budget for all five of our children was $400.  Past tense.  We are now at $502.51 and will probably spend about $10 more.  Even sometimes the best planned out budget goes all wrong.  Part of that is my complete optimistic outlook that I could round up everything for $400 (or less, in my mind).

This year we did wind up buying three electronic items (sorry I can't reveal what we got lest sneaky child eyes should see this post).  That type of item is never cheap, but I did find a used one on ebay that came with extras and we got a great deal!

For the silver lining in this story: it's all paid for!  Nothing on credit, but I do have to admit I put our last items on the debit card (had to since we'd spent all the money in the gift envelope).

This is a lot of money for us to spend, and is it really necessary?  We pray above all things that our children know in their hearts who Jesus is and that Christmas is about His birth.

*Update: My husband pointed out to me that we were a little more lenient with this budget since we had worked so hard doing extra jobs during the fall and our children have to sacrifice quite a bit throughout the year due to decisions we made as many as 10 years ago with our finances. 


  1. Hi Kris, Leora here. Had to tell you about a deal I got this week. Rite Aid was having their Rite Rewards for bags of Reese's and Hershey's holiday chocolate. Normally $3.59 each on sale for $2 each plus $1 Rite Reward back, totalling 2/$3. I added a buy 2 get 1 free coupon. So I got 3 bags for $4 plus $1 Rite Reward. In reality I only paid $3 for 3 bags. That's $1 each.

  2. Oooo, good job! I LOVE Rite Aid. I used to think of it as a total junk store, but it's awesome! I've gotten so many good deals there lately. I might need to do that deal, as we always need chocolate around the holidays to add to cookie plates.