Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Family Traditions

What do you do every year with your family during the Christmas season?  We keep it pretty simple, but I wanted to share some of the things we do each year.  All of these ideas are easy on the budget, but great memory makers.

    Go up to the Manito Park Conservatory.  They decorate it with lights (a ton of lights!) every year, have carolers and Santa on some days.  They are done with light tours for the season, but it would be a fun little side trip for next year.

    I love this next one as much as my children: lights tour in the car with hot chocolate and popcorn while in PJ's.  I have my friend, Kendra, to thank for this idea, and it's the one that our kids start asking about as soon as December hits.

    The next one started before I was born, even before my parents were married.  We have tacos on Christmas Eve.  The way we prepare them is a bit different than the out of the box variety.  We fry up our own tortillas and have a unique way of preparing the meat filling.  Our Christmas Eve wouldn't be the same without this meal.

    For our children's stockings, I've made each of them their own with their name on it.  I was at my friend Carolyn's house a few years back and she had made her family some darling stockings and so I grabbed a pattern and got to work.  Santa brings the gifts to the stocking only.  We give the ones under the tree.

    I've been looking for either an old (or new) radio theater show to share the Christmas story with our children,  but haven't found anything yet.  We always read to the children from the Bible the story of Jesus' birth-Luke chapter 2.

    I almost forgot this one: my husband takes the children to the dollar store and lets them each pick out a gift for me and then he films them explaining why they picked what they did and then we play the video on Christmas morning after I've opened all the gifts.  I loved the dollar store peaches from China my 5 year old picked out  last year!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  I enjoy being with family and friends this time of year. Also, be looking for my blog to have a new look.  We've been working on it these past few days and hopefully we'll get up by the end of break.

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