Saturday, December 4, 2010

November Grocery Totals

Total Spent On Food: $238. 04
Manufactures Coupons Used: $191.50
Store Savings: $239.90

A great month for me, but November gets a boost from eating with family a lot.....and stocking up on all the great Thanksgiving sales that the stores had.  It helped, too, that I was given a bunch of Albertsons doublers from kindhearted people, freezer cooked and used cash for all my spending.

Now, if I could just own a dairy cow to help with all those related items......would I save by the time I cared for it, etc?  I'm serious-if you could answer this for me-and I know at least one person who knows the answer to this!

image credit: photoxpress/paulocruz


  1. Um, the answer to the dairy cow question is a decisive 'no'. Enjoy the romantic savings in your head...

    But then again, perhaps you could use the poo in your you have enough grass clippings from your lawn to feed it? Maybe you could put B&M's grass into silage, which is salted, packed and fermente so you could make it through the winter because let me tell you, hay and grain can get expensive. Are you going to install a vaccuum-driven milking unit or do you plan to 'farm' the kids out for a more 'hand-crafted' form of labor on this twice daily event? Three times if you want to increase production...then there's the cost of of the separator, storage tank and cooling...better get out of debt quick so you can start saving up!

    Haha!! Go to the store. Pay the price. Smile, because Moo never looked so good on you!

  2. Heehee! I'm such an optimist...and we'd house her out at the in-laws (only they don't know that). I pretty much figured the answer was NO, but a gal can hope...kind of like my beekeeper dreams. After some sound advice from two beekeepers, that was axed as well. I was so ready to save up my blow money and forge ahead, but alas reality (and cost)set in. Thanks for the eloquent, funny answer:)