Friday, January 28, 2011

Big Ole Bag Of Chips

I ran into Cash and Carry to scope things out and found this 5lb. bag of chips for $5.72.   I'm thinking that's cheaper than Costco?  Wait!  Let me look up the Costco price....   Ok, the Costco price on the Queen Bee Coupons database for a 3lb bag: $3.35.  That's $1.16/lb.  At Cash and Carry, it's $1.14/lb, and you get 5lbs.  Not a huge difference, but if you're hosting a Super Bowl party, you'll want the 5lb bag! I also liked some of the meat prices (and quality) as we used quite a bit of meat from Cash and Carry for last months freezer cooking session.

thanks Queen Bee Coupons!


  1. I saw that big bag of chips hanging out in your passenger seat and thought "YUM!". :-) That is a great price!

  2. Ha! It looked like I did have a mini-person in my seat since it's such a huge bag!