Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ground Beef for $2.45/lb

I just got an email from Zaycon Foods announcing their ground beef event!  If you haven't heard about Zaycon Foods, they are a Spokane Valley company that has 'sales events' every couple of months in various areas all over the country.  They sell chicken breasts and ground beef and will be adding more items such as fish, pork and turkey as they grow.

The last event they had, we got 40lbs. of fresh chicken breasts for $1.59/lb.  The meat was high quality and pick up was no problem.

Here's what they're offering this time around: Ground Beef, Super Lean (93/7) — 30 lbs for $73.50.  This is a great time to go in with neighbors or family and split it up and be stocked up for a while.  Also great for cooking groups!  Click here if you're interested in ordering.  Orders must be placed by 1/7.  If they ask for a referral you can use my blog's name: suckerpunchdebt.

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