Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rite Aid Trip

I really like shopping at Rite Aid!  I used to think it was a pretty junky store, but I'm able to get stuff our family needs every week for very little out of pocket.  So here's what I got today:

4 Hershey's Chocolate bars, $.50 each
1 Gain dish soap $.87
2 jars of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce $1.50 each
2 GE CFL bulbs $2.99 each
2 Boxes of Ziploc Freezer Bags $2.50 each
1 Box Gain dryer sheets $4.99
1 Theraflu $4.99
1 Bayer Aspirin $5.99
Total = $35.24 including tax

$27.10 in coupons (this includes coupons from ads, Video Values and UP Rewards)
$4.53 from a Rite Aid Gift Card
= $3.61 Out of Pocket
and I got $9 in UP Rewards good on my next shopping trip!

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