Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Made In America

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I'm a huge reader.  I read all the fine print on a label, sit and read cookbooks for enjoyment, read fiction/non-fiction, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, read with my book club, worked in a library, etc.  So, one of the things I always look for is to see where something is made.  And it never ceases to amaze me how little of it is made in the USA.

I make an effort to buy items that are made in this country because it gives me a sense of pride and makes me feel like I'm helping our fellow workers at the same time.  From time to time I decided I'm going to high light items that are made in the USA.  Here are two I  bought this week:
It seems most pantyhose sold in the US are made here too.  $3, Walmart.

I got these for my almost 7 year old son at Big R-great rain/mud boots, which he seems to find a lot of.  Northerner brand, $14.99.

If you want to read more about made in the USA, ABC news did a great series a couple of weeks ago, you can click here to watch.

There are also two blogs of note where the authors tried to live (one still is) for a year with only items made in America that you might want to check out: and

Do you want a good database of what's made in the US?  Click here.

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  1. I do like to support our country & local business for sure, but I used to work at Eddie Bauer & if you compared the quality of shirts made in the USA to those made elsewhere, the USA ones were CRAP. I will buy for quality every time. Just a thought.:)

  2. I think its important to think about the impact of our purchases. My #1 criteria is to ask myself if I even need it. Lately, this has saved me a lot of money.
    When I buy dairy, I look for Darigold first because I know a dairy farmer who supplies milk for them. I don't always buy it, but if the price is right, I'm happier because I know in a small way, I've helped support that farmer.
    If you have time, watch the ABC series. You may be surprised to find such products as Viking, Sub Zero, Wolf, Anchor Hocking, Shaw (carpet), Sterilite and Yankee Candle (gosh, I hope so) are all made in the US.
    Funny that you mention Eddie Bauer. All the stores but one pulled out of here.

  3. There are some products made in the USA that lack quality, perhaps look for another US brand. Thankfully, companies like EB aren't representative of all American companies!

  4. American cars are another (badly made) example, lol. We get milk from the milk man (local dairy), shop at the farmer's market all summer, etc. I am all about supporting local business, but again, I will truly look at quality first. I'm not saying things made in China are better (this is so global, it's hard to make a 'blanket statement'), but I will not buy American just because it's American. We are a lazy people sometimes, & don't make things well the first time...