Monday, March 7, 2011

S2H Replay

When I bought this little silicone bracelet for $10 on mampedia (sorry, that deal is dead), I wasn't too hopeful that it would really work.  It just seemed too gadgety.  With training for the Windermere half marathon, I figured I might as well be earning gift cards while I train.

The s2h (switch to health) Replay bracelet is an activity tracker.  For every 60 minutes of activity, you earn 60 points.  When you reach 60 minutes you can upload a code that displays on the face of the bracelet and you then bank 60 points.  To get a $5 gift card to, say, Target, you need 900 points.  Most of my workouts are an hour or more, so I'm pretty happy to at least be earning gift cards while I work out!
Sorry my hands are so dry....uh, we ripped the box when we opened it.

I just ordered my 10 year old son one yesterday (he's very rewards driven) from QVC for $22.57 since they had the best deal.  His will come in the blue band, with two extras to swap out if he wants to change colors.  This will come in handy for him as he's training for Bloomsday with his dad.  I read that the gift cards are only good online (haven't verified this), but that's no problem for us-we usually wait for a free shipping codes anyway.  I don't think the QVC reviews were all that great, but I've had no problems.  The reviews on Amazon are a lot better....just wanted you to know there's something like this out there.