Monday, April 25, 2011

Target Clearance

I stopped by Target today and found a lot of their summer clothes on clearance for toddler girls.  So here's what I got:
Shorts were $2.25-$3.15 and dresses/sets were $5.60.  Tops were $3.15.  Not bad for new.  I can't find these at the consignment store for much less.  Since I can't hand down most of the clothes from our 14 year old daughter to our two year old, it helps to hit the clearance at the right time!


  1. You did awesome! Ryenna has that same striped dress! :-)

  2. Hey, just a thought - when Gymboree has a sale, plus extra % off, plus you can use a coupon on top of all that, you can get things as cheap/cheaper than Target! I recently got a bunch of shirts for the kids for $1.75/each! And pants, etc., I rarely pay more than $6.:) So watch for those -- it's worth it!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I love Gymboree:)