Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome Fall!

The only corn we got from the garden!  There's always next year!

And welcome back to those sweet people who have asked where I've been!  I took most of summer off to spend with my family and during that time I evaluated our debt pay down, which has continued to go well. 

We are continuing on our path and throwing $742 a month at our only credit card.  It's really getting closer to zero!  Next is the student loan.....had that since 1997.

The one thing that changed over the summer was my couponing.  I took a break and enjoyed the time it freed up to spend with family.  I didn't miss some of the food I purchased, but it did cause our grocery budget to go up (how could it not!).

As of now, I'm focusing more on what nutrition my family is getting rather than getting the greatest deal.  It's become more important for me to provide healthy meals that don't have an ingredient list 100 items long of things I don't recognize.  Part of the change has been my willingness to make and grow more of our own foods.  I also read Food Rules by Michael Pollan, which is a great read and guide.  One of my favorite rules: If your grandmother wouldn't recognize it, don't eat it.  So my beloved Twinkie Pancakes don't count?